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Best Gaming Chairs of 2020 & 2021

Thoroughly reviewed by our internal team of gaming chair experts

Our 10 Best Gaming Chairs

Buying the best gaming chair for your body and build can be hard. Aside from the hundreds of options to choose from, you have to consider price, materials, comfort, and features that range from lumbar support to build quality. This is why we’ve only featured the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs in today’s market.

We also included some key points to check before buying at the end of the article to ensure you’re on the right track. If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair, then skip this article and go straight to our best gaming chairs under $200 article instead.

Our Top Picks

Editors Choice

WePC Editors Choice Badge

The best of the best

Best Gaming Chairs Of 2020 & 2021

Editors Choice

The best of the best
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Secretlab Gaming chairs always claim the top spots in our guides thanks to their quality, comfort, and design. And, since we have over 20 Secretlab Omega chairs here in the office, it’s safe to say it’s our favorite!


Comfort quality
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While the Epic Gaming Chair from Noblechair does come with a higher price tag than most other chairs on this list, that is reflected in the high-quality and supreme comfort it brings with it.

Corsair King

Corsair King
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Corsair are usually better known for their peripherals like keyboards and mice, but the T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair showcases the same high-quality and sleek design you would expect.

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This gaming chair from DXRacer is of a very high build quality making it feel every bit as premium as you’d want it to be, and also comes with various armrest options to customize it for your needs.

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This real leather gaming chair is made with quality materials and a striking minimalist design that makes it look at home either in the office or as part of a gaming setup.

Best Gaming Chair: What To Look For

You’ve seen all the products above but chances are you’re still confused at this point. So, what exactly are the features that make a good gaming chair?


Neck headrest and lumbar support are the most common support-features found on good gaming chairs. The right neck headrest and lumbar support ensure your lower back is properly supported. This also prevents and reduces your back pain, which greatly improves your mental focus and your performance in the game.


Gaming chairs are designed to provide the utmost comfort when sitting for long hours. Material quality may give you an idea of how it feels when you sit on it, but there’s often a large difference between two chairs that use the same materials. That brings us to…


If you always find it hard to get comfortable then you might have a unique set of requirements, if this the case then fear not, the mid to higher-end gaming chairs now offer a whole plethora of cool features and functionality:

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Armrest adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Recline adjustment
  • Back height adjustment

Just keep in mind: the more of these features you get, the more expensive the chair will end up being.


A good gaming chair should be made of durable materials. No one wants to buy a gaming chair only to need to replace it within the next 3 months or so. Typically, you would want the frame to be made of strong, long-lasting materials like steel.

As for the padding, armrests, and body of the seat, you should look for materials such as, but not limited to:

  • cold cured foam
  • memory foam
  • polyurethane


Aside from being compatible with a console setup or a PC setup, there are gaming chairs that are compatible with other devices, such as:

  • steering wheels
  • racing keyboard stand
  • flight simulation pack
  • monitor stands/mounts

Generally, these input devices let the user experience their games in new ways but require obtuse sitting arrangements. Because both chairs and these devices are expensive, it is vital that you take your time to understand the compatibility you are looking for.

How We Choose

For me, a good gaming chair is a complete necessity. Finding the right one can be determined by several key areas. The following is a list of the areas which we consider most important when selecting a quality chair:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Chair Functionality
  • Lumbar support
  • Build materials & quality
  • Aesthetics

Ultimately, if the chair you’re looking to buy can tick off a few of these fundamental criteria, you’re more than likely onto a winner. However, finding a chair that houses all these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, meaning you have to spend endless amounts of time researching numerous different options.

This is where dayaxa.comes into the equation. Our team of dedicated computer enthusiasts spend their days researching and testing the best hardware offerings on the market and have focused their energy on this guide on finding the best gaming chair.

How We Test

Testing the products we recommend is a huge part of the overall selection process in our best of guides. It’s a way to make sure what we recommend is, without a doubt, the best option in its specific category.

To be sure a product is “the best,” it must show excellent performance in our tests, and display better qualities and features than the competition it faces.

Most of the products we recommend here at WePC have gone through a strict testing process that involves everything from the price and performance, to build quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to see how it performs under intense stress to make sure it warrants our coveted top spot.

Doing this enables us to provide you with the most accurate review of how the product performs and, ultimately, whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Best Gaming Chairs 2020 & 2021

Editors Choice

Secret lab omega Gaming Chair
Transparent SecretLab Logoblack fontpadded
Secretlab Omega

Chair Type


Maximum Load


Gross Weight


Sitting Height

18” – 21.5”

Shop Now


Corsair King

Editors Choice

The best of the best
Tech Specs

Chair Type


Maximum Load


Gross Weight


Sitting Height

18” – 21.5”


Extremely comfortable

Ergonomic design which is great for back support

Solid build quality

Premium materials


Lumbar support pillow isn’t fixed

Arms become flimsy over time

The Secretlab Omega is our top gaming chair pick and comes to shelves packed with features and benefits which are sure to please even the fussiest of gamers.

It offers superb Prime 2.0 PU leather which has been engineered to last 4 times longer than regular PU leather. The much-improved upholstery exceeds the industry standard for flexing and abrasion meaning the longevity of this chair is far greater than other products in this list.

The Omega makes use of what Secretlab describes as ‘Patent-pending Secretlab cold-cure foam mix’ which boasts next-level comfort and sitting experience. The manufacturing procedure was employed to achieve a greater feel-good factor and improves users’ posture.

4D armrests help enhance your resting position with it’s newly enhanced all metal internal mechanism. The armrests now have four directional customizations to guarantee the absolute perfect ergonomic feel. It also comes equipped with two memory foam pillows for head and lumbar support which, as far as gaming chairs go, are some of the best I’ve sampled.

Secretlab has equipped the Omega with newly designed XL PU Caster wheels which help it glide effortlessly across most surfaces without worry thanks to their floor-friendly design. Class 4 hydraulics, aluminum wheelbase and a multi-tilt mechanism all add to the luxurious feel of this chair.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further.


Comfort quality


Premium design and materials

Great for tall people

Real leather

Plenty of color options to choose from

Four directional arm rests


On the expensive side when compared to the rest of the market

Could have better back support

The Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair is another addition to the high-end range of chairs in today’s market. It’s just sad to think that it isn’t for everyone. To be clear, this isn’t ideal for short people. You’ll have to be at least 6 feet to experience the quality comfort of this premium gaming chair.

The base seat in the Epic is on the firm side, however, comfort levels are not massively affected by this especially when you utilize the newly designed lumbar and head pillow’s which come with it.

In our experience, there weren’t really any flaws with the build because everything from the ground up is made of high-quality material. Lightweight, tough aluminum makes up the base whilst the skin can be two different kinds of high-quality leather: polyurethane leather and Nappa leather.

The chair is made of very durable high-quality materials that will last for years. In fact, even the caster wheels feel sturdy and smooth. It holds almost no resistance when moving around your work/game station but isn’t too crazy that you feel out of control.

Heat is properly expelled and regulated at the back because of the redefined ergonomics. Everything about the chair including the design is excellent and to the highest level. Even the diamond style stitching gives the chair a feel of luxury and exclusiveness.

You can check out availability and pricing at Overclockers here. (UK only)

Corsair King

Corsair King


Superb Build Quality

4D fully customisable arms

Very Comfortable


Quite expensive

I was really impressed with Corsair’s gaming chair offering which comes in the form of their T2 Road Warrior. The first thing that struck me was the design, it’s both simple and elegant whilst providing excellent back, neck and lumbar support thanks to well thought out ergonomics and additional microfiber cushions.

The chair is laced with perforated PU leather which boasts excellent breath-ability and comfort. It also comes in a large array of color schemes giving consumers the option to match the chair to their surroundings.

The wheels have been designed rollerblade style and provide fantastic movement across almost any surface whilst leaving floor surfaces unfazed. An all-aluminum base houses the newly designed wheels and is both light and durable which fits in nicely with the rest of the chair. The frame is all steel and super durable giving the chairs life expectancy a real boost.

Ergonomics were clearly high on the engineers’ priority list and you see this in a number of different areas. Four directional armrests help the users adjust them into the perfect position whilst reclining has been boosted to 170 degrees with a 17-degree tilt-shift. Find the perfect position with a minimum of fuss.

Overall we really enjoyed this chair but doesn’t quite beat the Secretlab or Noblechairs to the top spot.


Very durable construction

Quality material

Armrest comes in various size



Construction may feel firm at first

One of the more popular choices in the mid-range gaming chair category is the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB. It’s a high-quality gaming chair albeit with more flaws than its popularity might hint at.

Starting off with the color options you can choose from: white, grey, red, blue, orange, pink, and green. The materials are made of high-quality durable products such as faux leather which has the ability to last for years. True to DXRacer’s claim, the material helps improve overall durability and comfort which we usually only see in the higher end gaming chairs.

Packed with other features like the 3D adjustable armrests, adjustable height gas-spring, adjustable backrest, neck headrest, lumbar support, and adjustable seat flexibility, this chair provides nice customizability that allows the user to create the ultimate sitting experience.

It’s just unfortunate that the chair doesn’t have tilt-lock. You can lock it to prevent it from reclining all together, but you can not lock it in place once reclined. A small price to pay for such an affordable chair.

Tech Specs

Chair Type


Maximum Load



26.38 x 27.17 x 53.94 inches

Sitting Height

18.3″ to 22.2″


Great for minimalists

Quality materials

Real leather gaming chair



Armrests aren’t padded

Only 3 colors

Next comes one of our personal favorites, the Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair.

Noblechairs claim that no expense is spared when designing their luxury range of gaming chairs and it’s hard to argue against them. A fantastic ergonomic design has been brought to life with the best materials and highest level of workmanship in the hope of providing the consumer with the best products possible.

The Icon comes in faux and real NAPA leather which adds a luxurious feel to this gaming chair. The design is both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Its shape has been designed in a subtle way meaning you can utilize the Icon for both gaming and office use, ultimately catering to a wider audience.

Ergonomics have been well thought out with the Icon (and all Noblechairs products) and provide maximum levels of support right across the body. The backrest has been designed to conform with the shape of your back in a way that naturally improves posture and I personally found it extremely comfortable. Even after long periods of usage. Two additional pillows are provided for extra lumbar and neck support as well.

Like all modern chairs, the Icon comes with four directional armrests to help provide the perfect level of comfort. Alongside this, high-quality materials such as lightweight aluminum and tough steel are used to make the base and frame which improve durability and life expectancy hugely.

We’ve been using the Icon in the office now for almost a month (at the time of writing this) and have yet to experience any issues in comfort or functionality.

Types Of Gaming Chairs

Not all gaming chairs are created equal, and not all gaming chairs follow the same design either. Finding the best gaming chair for you means finding which style is right for your needs and gaming style. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of gaming chairs.


Gaming on a console is more fun when you are sitting near the floor, according to… someone? We don’t currently feature any Rocker gaming chair options in our best of guide but they’re usually on the ground and often don’t have legs allowing them to swivel and rock.

Other than being on the floor, rockers usually have comfort features in line with a lot of gaming chairs. Think quality headrests, lumbar support and the likes. For this reason, some prefer gaming in rockers over sitting on the couch. This is particularly true if your couch is far from the TV.

Premium rockers may have control panels, vibration motors, and wireless speakers that all provide a more immersive gaming experience, at least on paper. It is important to browse gaming chair reviews because rockers have been known to have low-quality speakers, or problems where the wireless features pick up interference.


A racer gaming chair takes it shape from the bucket seats you see in sports cars. They have excellent ergonomic design and stylish aesthetics.

Unlike PC gaming chairs that use a variety of materials such as plastic and mesh, racer gaming chairs are more inclined towards using PVC leather and even genuine leather.

Racer gaming chairs are known for their very complex adjustment features. Aside from the basic caster wheels, 3D/4D armrests, headrest, and lumbar support, racer gaming chairs also often have tilt and swivel features. Some even go so far as to support pedal/wheel support pads, gas/brake foot pedals, and even third-party steering wheel pads to maximize gaming experience.


The most immediately obvious difference between office chairs and the other types of chairs would be their more traditional, comparatively muted appearance (although some do have rather noteworthy designs and colors).

Office chairs rarely have headrests or lumbar support, unlike racer gaming chairs. But they’re still good at supporting your spine and back, nonetheless. Moreover, office chairs usually only have basic adjustment features to help you maintain the right sitting posture. Specifically, these let you adjust your armrest, back, recline, and height.

There are a handful of office chairs types in the market such as mesh chairs, task chairs, stacking chairs, and guest chairs. Others are even designed for specific uses:

  • Conference chairs – designed to provide the best relaxing position since meetings are focused on communicating.
  • Ergonomic office chairs – designed to alleviate back pains and give you maximum back support while maintaining proper sitting posture.
  • Executive chairs – have casters and wheels for easy maneuverability. Moreover, they also have a high backrest for maximum back support.

Things To Consider

Now that you’ve seen our recommendations, it’s time for you to decide which the best gaming chair for you will be. When it comes down to making a decision like this, there a few things you’ll need to consider.


Finding an ergonomic gaming chair is one of the most common problems people have. This is even more evident with so many gaming chairs claiming to be “ergonomic” while not really living up to the moniker.

So, what really makes a good ergonomic chair? Well, that’s a great question.

As a consumer, it’s usually best to keep in mind your height and weight and then use that to find a chair. After all, there is no guarantee that a gaming chair marked as “ergonomic” will fit everyone else’s body dimensions. For instance, if you’re slender, then a chair with an armrest that is too far apart isn’t going to make you feel comfortable.

In addition to that, the chair should also fit with the rest of your setup, especially your desk.


Another thing that’s as important as comfort is the metal frame under the fancy colors and design. A good gaming chair should have a high-quality metal frame underneath.

Needless to say, because our list is composed of gaming chairs from reputable gaming chair manufacturers, it’s almost a guarantee that the metal frame will last for years. In fact, most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for metal frames. So make sure you check the manufacturer’s website to have a look at the frame design and material.


Most chairs are going to do the basics: swivel, move around, tilt, etc. But there are optional functionality features you might be interested in. For instance, some gaming chairs can do full-back recline. Some of these can lock in place and stay reclined at certain angles.

There are even gaming chairs that come with mounts for other gaming peripherals, such as:

  • Steering wheels
  • Pedals
  • Audio inputs and outputs
  • Vibration motors

Needless to say, these usually come in mid-range or premium chairs. There are also a lot of varied, unique features out there, so you might want to look into more of your options if you’re trying to find something particular.

Do I Need An Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

Gamers sit for extended periods, and, unsurprisingly, this can pose various health risks.

The best ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to offer gamers the utmost comfort while keeping them seated in a healthy sitting posture at the same time. This is why you’ll find lumbar support and headrests on racer and PC gaming chairs. If you are a console gamer, then you should look into our top picks for the best console gaming chairs of 2021.

Some other features you might want to look for when finding a chair that contours your body are:

  • height adjustments
  • tension control
  • backrest lock
  • seat pan slider
  • armrest height and width control

You might also want to consider different materials when buying a chair. For instance, mesh provides better breathability, while leather might be a little more comfortable.

In turn, being more healthy often directly correlates with being more comfortable. And being more comfortable means you are less distracted while gaming.

How To Pick The Best Gaming Chair

When looking for a good gaming chair, it can be hard to finally choose one, but the methodology you use to select that chair doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few things to keep in mind once you’ve narrowed down your final options.

Make A Budget

Like any purchasing decisions, your budget is essential. The one notable thing about gaming chairs is that their price and quality varies quite drastically. Ultimately, it can be hard to convince yourself to spend a lot on a gaming chair when an expensive one technically does the same thing as a cheap one. On the flip side, if you sit in a comfy one, you might never want to go back. Either way, setting a budget is the first thing you want to do before starting your research, as it’s inevitably going to save you a lot of time in the long run.

To Test Or Not To Test

You may wish to test chairs before buying them. The most obvious solution is to find a physical location to actually test them out at. Some furniture retailers carry different brands of office chairs, for instance.

Determine Your Weight And Dimensions

How much do you weigh? How tall are you? What are the dimensions of the chair? All of these things will inform your decision.

You will want to ensure the chair supports at least 20 lbs above your standard weight. Height is important since taller people will want a chair that goes high enough, and short people don’t want a chair that is too high. You also want to make sure your chair will move close enough to your desk. Moreover, if you have broad shoulders, a wider chair might be better, while the opposite would be true for a more petite person.

How Are You Using This Chair?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when buying a new gaming chair.

  • Do you also plan to use it in a professional setting? If yes, then you might want an office chair instead of a racer.
  • How long do you plan on using it? Some of these chairs are really well made, and it is not out of the question that you could use it for 20 or 30 years. If so, then you might want to allocate a large budget to the cause.
  • Do you plan on moving it around? If you are attending gaming sessions at a friend’s house or you move often, these are extra considerations. Some of these chairs are really heavy. You also want to make sure it’s durable in case it takes a tumble.
  • Are you sweaty? If yes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You just might want a more breathable mesh material. If you stay cold a lot, then leather might be a better option.
  • Do you have any special requirements or needs? Got a bad back? Prioritize lumbar support. Want to play racing sims? Prioritize a racing chair that can mount a wheel. This is a wide-ranging question, but it’s important to reflect on what prompted you to look into getting a good chair in the first place.

Balance Comfort And Aesthetics

Some will prioritize aesthetics over comfort; others insist comfort is the be all end all. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other in the world of PC chairs.

Design aside, many consumers like to choose a specific color scheme, so their fancy new chair fits in with their gaming area. This being said, most chairs in today’s market come with a whole bunch of different themed options.

Most manufacturers are very aware that consumers like customization options as well. If the chairs in our list don’t live up to your requirements or specifications, then don’t worry. There are loads of chair manufacturers out there who all offer unique styles and designs. Keep searching until you find something that fits your personal gaming setup.

With all these things in mind, it should be easy for you to make the right selection on your next gaming chair purchase.

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Final Word

So, there you have it – our comprehensive breakdown of the best gaming chairs of 2021. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you find the perfect chair for your gaming setup with our tips and recommendations. We’d love to hear from you about your favorite gaming chairs and to answer any questions you might have. So, be sure to post over in our Community to connect with like-minded gaming fans.